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You Can Heal Your Heart!

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You Can Heal Your Heart!

One’s ability to give and receive love comes from energy powered by the heart chakra.  Unfortunately, the heart chakra is easily wounded and often is burdened with scars from long ago actions.  These scars can hinder people from experiencing and abundance of love, especially in its purest form.  Perhaps you don’t feel particularly damaged by love misdirected, but still want to bring more love into your life.  By rehabilitating your heart chakra by using the following steps, you grow opportunities to better send and receive love from sources all around you.

1) Time to Get Pumped!

Just like a muscle your chakras need to be exercised.  Incorporate two to three push-ups while focusing on movement around your heart and its connection with the earth.  Keep your body straight and palms rooted firmly on the ground.  Breath deeply from your diaphragm on your way up from the floor, opening yourself up to gifts from the Divine.  Notice any shifts around your heart.  Exhale as deeply on your way back down thinking about your connection to the earthly community.

2) Hug It Out

Love begins with yourself.  Wrap your arms around yourself in a loving manner and allow yourself to feel self-appreciation.  Give yourself loving affirmations and all yourself to notice how your heart begins to warm.  You can also later choose similarly hug a loved one.

3) Expand your Heart and Lift it Upwards

Having a closed and tight body and puts undue pressure on the heart chakra.  By stretching your arms out wide and lifting your chest to the heavens you create openness and receptivity.  While doing this stretch, breath deeply from your diaphragm and acknowledge the love trying to be sent to you by the Universe.  This is very helpful during periods of anxiety or when at a crossroad.

4) Breath from your Heart

Typically to calm your body, mind and spirit down it helps to breath from your diaphragm.  Yet, when you focus your breath from your heart, you help better circulate the energy from that chakra.  Focus on a loving message, or a time when you felt the most loved.  Also, you can think about the color green, which governs the heart chakra and promotes healing directly from Archangel Raphael.  Allow this love and healing to radiate away from your heart into the rest of your body, the world and the cosmos.

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