Psychic Readings by Phone & Chat

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a Psychic Tarot Reading?

No one needs a Psychic Tarot Reading.  However, most Individuals who seek out Psychics, do so because they are in need of information.  There are of course, times when we just want to map out our possibilities and chart a course, based on the knowledge that is given to us.

At Knowing Souls: You, the client, dictate what you need.  If you just have a few questions and want some answers, that’s fine.  If you are seeking deeper knowledge into your situations, whether they are spiritual or mundane, we can help you along your path, as well.

Do you have an Astrologer at Knowing Souls?

However, we presently, we do not have astrologer. 

How do I get a Consultation with a Knowing Souls’ Psychic?

On Lady Dove’s and ZoeStar71’s pages there are Click4Advisor icons.  If the phone is red, that Advisor is available.  Or, use the connecting link to a Paypal shopping cart where you can order the time length of Reading you desire with Lady Dove, Donata Ann or ZoeStar71. 

When your order is placed you will need to go back to that Psychic’s page, to click on her email link or use the form on that page to send her your request for an appointment. 

Once the appointment is made (please allow her time with her other appointments), She will be calling you.  Any Privacy Guards on your phone will need to be turned off at that time.