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About Me

Clear Perception Tarot

My name is Willow Rourke. I’m the founder and owner of Clear Perception Tarot. I’ve been an intuitive tarot reader for more than two decades. I’ve worked with many clients, and I’d love to work with you. It would be an honor to show you the potential power of tarot and how you can use that to lead a more peaceful, determined and fulfilling life.

What Tarot Is

Tarot is a powerful implement that can help you develop clearer methods of communication, confident systems of making decisions and techniques for taking decisive and timely action. Every tarot reading can involve exploring the positives and the negatives of the different choices you may be facing, so you can create the most effective plan to shape the future you deserve.

At its most base level, tarot is about clarity. Tarot strives to clear the fog that may have been clouding your intellect, so you can see clearly enough to make the best choices you possibly can in all of your relationships and everything you’re involved in.

What Tarot Isn’t

But if you’re hoping to use that clarity to predetermine your destiny, to serve as a map for every choice you’ll ever face, you are certainly going to be disappointed. Tarot is not meant to explore every possible outcome to all of the options that are out there. There’s really no way to do that. And it isn’t about somber predictions of imminent ruin.

For You

I have something to offer that will serve you whether you’re seeking an in-person reading, a type of online service, tarot-related events, or a weekly tarot digest email. Here’s to the clarity you need to choose your own path.