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Ways to Know You’ve Met Your Twin Flame

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Ways to Know You’ve Met Your Twin Flame

The twin flame signs explain why we can sometimes feel intense bonds with certain people. It may even seem like all our senses are enhanced when we are around a twin flame. This is more intense than a soul mate, but may not have anything to do with romance. The love that does exist between twin flames reaches into the depths of our souls with indescribable ability. This is the most valuable type of love imaginable. Since this is true, you should learn to recognize the signs of a twin flame.


Meeting a twin flame will feel like magic, a drawing that cannot be denied. The meeting, even if it is the first, will remain vivid in your memory. The energy is so strong it basically imprints in the brain and soul. Though it does not necessarily mean you will marry this person, you will be spiritually and emotionally bonded for life.

This intense meeting on such an intimate level, must be met with pure intention and no expectation of what would or could happen. Whatever is supposed to happen will. Twin flames communicate in almost a telepathic manner and will always have one another’s backs, seeing the good in one another. This best friend for life will push the other to their highest self and greatest potential.

Twin Flame vs. Soul Mate

Though the terms soul mate and twin flame are often used interchangeably, they are not the same thing. A soul mate is just as it sounds, a friend of the soul that may come and go in your life. This person simply seems to get you from the beginning. A twin flame is the same, but upon meeting a twin flame you will know you have met before and been part of one another’s lives. Twin flame feelings are much more overwhelming.

Signs of the Twin Flame

Though you may get butterflies when meeting someone romantically for the first time, it is much bigger than that with a twin flame. A twin flame changes you immediately as you feel the need to open up and share in the sheer energy being created. Look specifically for the following signs:


Upon meeting a twin flame, it may seem like you have met before. Even if their face is not recognized, their energy will be as you feel safe and secure almost immediately in their presence. This will be the same for both flames. You may not want the meeting to end and when it does, make plans to meet again soon.


Meeting a twin flame is much like meeting oneself, so ease into the energy and connection. Have respect for your flame and make sure to communicate clearly. Though it will feel as if you can read each other’s minds, speak your truth to keep the relationship healthy.

If the twin flame connection is moving toward romance, make sure you are both ready for such a step. There is no need to rush because when twin flames result in romance, it will be for a lifetime. You will both become better people simply being around one another and push to greater levels. The relationship will more than likely feel like it is well rooted and full of patience. You will sense what is best for one another.


When twin flames meet, the bond tends to go deep quickly. While the feeling can be intoxicating, keep yourself in check so you are not totally consumed. Simply let things happen as they may. When you are together, grow from the experience, but spend time apart as well. Try not to move too quickly, out of respect for one another. Your twin flame is not going anywhere, take your time.

Though some people may not want to wait for their twin flame and try to project feelings onto someone, twin flames spark organically. Get to know each other at a natural pace while keeping communication lines open.

Trying Times

When twin flames are together, palpable energy is released. This can cause emotion to bubble up and overflow. Your twin flame will help you overcome these feelings. This will heal past pain so you can move forward together. Even if your twin flame sees your worst, they will stay as long as you remain honest and trust the connection.


Twin flames make you feel like anything is possible. This is because the confidence of one another is brought out into the open. You are energetically connected so much that you may not need to fully explain something before they understand. A twin flame can listen to the other vent without trying to fix the problem, allowing the love to simply unfold.

Deeper Understanding

If you are feeling stuck in life, your twin flame can likely help you find the way back on track. The energy you share will be immense, making the connection stronger and deeper. At some point it is likely you will be separated from your flame, but trust in the connection as you find your way back together. There will always be a way found.


One of the best things about twin flames is that you will be totally accepting of one another. Even in dark and trying times, you will be there for one another. When you need someone the most, a twin flame just seems to know, even at a distance. Even as you change over time, your relationship will grow. The depth of the love will be amazing.


If you have already found twin flame love, then you are truly lucky. These relationships are rare and reserved for old souls learning their final life lessons. Never take it for granted and make sure to stay focused on your spiritual path. If you haven’t met a twin flame, then familiarize yourself with a personal birth chart and zodiac compatibility matches. You never know when your twin flame will appear.

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