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Understanding Past Life Memories

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Understanding Past Life Memories

People are curious about what past life memories look like, but the truth is, this can be different depending on the person.

There will be some times where you might have a memory and be completely sure that it is a past life memories while there will be other times that you are focused around what is going on with you and you wonder what that memory means or where it comes from.

You can sometimes recall memories just as if you have just had them, the recall can change depending on the situation.

If you focus on your life and you seek to know your past life, chances are that you will have an awareness that you are not used to having. This is a place where you can see something from your past life, and it can be in so much detail that it puts you in awe.

Some memories are so interesting and exciting that when you are aware of them, you want to have clarity as to what they mean. Sometimes you will only have moments that are clear to you and maybe you might not even remember part of the memory just the vivid details.

When you have absolute clarity in your dream, it can make you have pure conscious awareness and means that you can go right back into that memory. This will give you moments that fill your life and can mess with your emotions.

These moments are like records in your soul and you carry them with you throughout all of your different lifetimes.

Memories sometimes are there but they never change. These are just parts of time that you have that contain information of who you once were. You might even realize what you are feeling and what was going on around you that lead up to this memory.

Past life memories are the same as memories that you have in the present. They are just bits and pieces of memories that you can sometimes remember with a clear mind. This can be a place where you find yourself in that exact moment again, except maybe this time you are in a different body than you were in or a different culture, but you are still who you have always been.

Maybe you have past memories of a different country and you know the land like you know where you live now. You might experience déjà vu and flash back into a life that was in a different time where you had a different body and lived in a different place.

When you experience these kind of past life memories, you might find that you are happy and that you are getting a glimpse of something that was from a different lifetime. This might be hard for you to fathom and hard for you to face but the experiences that your soul has had are great and are forever changing.

You might have many different past life memories, and this can lead you back to different ages and different times. Maybe you remember other lives that you have had. You may have a lifetime memory that calls you back so deep that you can almost plant a story there.

Spiritual Connection

If you have a past life regression session, chances are that you will be able to open up your Akashic records and get more information about your past life. You can learn to explore your memories and take a tour of what your past life had for you.

You will experience a spiritual connection anytime that you have a past life memory, and you will learn to welcome these creative experiences.

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