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The Positives of Having a Soulmate Who is not Single

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The Positives of Having a Soulmate Who is not Single

A soulmate is someone who you meet and have an immediate connection with in life. The connection is often so strong that you are drawn to this person even at the first meeting. Over time, as the connection goes deeper, a strong, complex love will develop and all former loves will fade in comparison.

There are people who wait for years, searching for the One that they feel is their soulmate. They feel this will be the perfect relationship once a soulmate is found. However, life is far from perfect and when this person comes along, they may be seeing someone else. A soulmate who is not single when they are finally in our lives can be difficult to accept. We may feel that the universe is playing a cruel joke or that life is just unfair and things will not work out. Some may even doubt the existence of soulmates if they feel the One is with someone else.

We may question why destiny would create the perfect other half for you and have them connect with someone else. It is almost ridiculous, that is if it was not so sad and disheartening. So now we come down to the real questions, “Do soul mates exist” and “What happens if my soulmate is not single”?

Not Single

If you believe in soulmates, like many others, then you need to understand that fate is what determines when two soulmates cross paths and meet each other. There is always a possibility that the first meeting of your soulmate will find them with someone else, but this is not necessarily a bad thing. If you are really soulmates, being with someone else, then meeting you could awaken them to wanting something more. This may cause them to seek you out following the current relationship. Whatever happens next, you must let things take a natural course. They will happen as they are meant to, so be patient.

The complexity of circumstances that likely underlies everything that can be taken from the current relationship may not be known right away, but as a soulmate, you must be patient. Whatever your other half is learning in the current relationship is necessary and conducive to a future relationship with you. In fact, meeting your soulmate when they are with someone else can actually allow them to see you in a new light. This could be the start of something great as they see what could be. Though you may think it is too good to be true, later on the incidents will hold obvious importance.

Not everyone believes in soulmates which leads them to doubt being with someone they are ‘meant’ to be with in life. This may cause them to reject the idea that you are their soulmate at first. This means the challenges that include a current relationship are needed, as a form of learning. On the other side, people tend to get upset when their soulmates are with someone else. They may blame themselves for circumstances in which they truly have no control.

Little do these people know that the universe has plans for them in life and there are reasons for each thing that happens. You must simply believe in yourself, have faith, and trust that destiny will bring about what is needed in the right time. As you spend time around your soulmate, they can get to know you and it may be the universe showing them there is more to offer than the current relationship. This slight external pressure of just having you be around may be enough to make them realize they can have more in a relationship. So, while it may be tough to watch, you can passively be a guiding light to your soulmate as they grow and accept how great things would be with you.

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