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The 20 Stages of Twin-Flame Relationships

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20 Stages of Twin-Flame Relationships

A twin flame is your soul’s other half. Twin flames relate to each other as though they knew each other in past lives, so a twin flame connection is the most dynamic association you’ll ever experience. It’s earth-shattering for both partners involved.

Here are the 20 stages of twin-flame relationships:

  1. You’re immediately connected. As soon as you meet, you instantly feel a connection to your twin flame. You feel as though you could accomplish anything as long as he or she is at your side. You quickly understand their dreams and fears as intimately as you understand your own.
  2. You’re the same, but different. Paradoxically, twin flames are similar but different. Partners will have a lot in common, but these things present themselves differently. A twin flame mirrors your loves, inspirations, dreams, and hopes as well as your hates, flaws, and fears. It takes effort to discover the similarities, but accepting them will lead to a healthy and nurturing relationship.
  3. They show you a new viewpoint. Twin flames are forthright with each other. You’re comfortable enough together that you can say whatever’s on your mind. If you have a problem, your twin flame offers a new perspective for you to consider, which boosts your self-actualization.
  4. Your perceptions change. Spending time with your twin flame is inspiring. Your twin flame motivates you to perceive things from a new perspective. After even a brief time together, you’ll notice you’re thinking before you speak, instead of simply reacting as you did before. You’ll understand situations and concepts differently from before.
  5. It’s an adult, yet childish, love. A twin flame relationship is the most passionate and intense, relationship that you will ever have. If you allow it to, your love will quickly mature into a serious and comfortable relationship. But the fiery spark will never fade.
  6. Your emotions are chaotic when they’re around. A twin flame relationship forces you to face and deal with your emotions. This helps heal your inner self and its old wounds, lifting you to meet your concept of self-worth.
  7. You’re comfortable but unsettled. You sense instability, but also solidity, in your twin flame relationship. You will struggle and argue with how straightforward your love is. It’s surprising how fast things progressed, so you question if this love is what you wanted. But if you see things you don’t like, you and your twin flame can work together to fix it. Since you’re like mirror images, they work on their side but alongside you, so you won’t be alone.
  8. They become your everything. Your twin flame becomes the first one with whom you share exciting news or problems. They’re your confidant and best friend. This can be frustrating because they also won’t hold back if they notice you’re going the wrong way and will call you out if you’re procrastinating. Twin flames teach each other to be the best they can be. They’ll persist regarding things you want to accomplish, and suggest ways you can improve.
  9. You teach and learn. One significant component of a twin flame relationship is acquiring new perspectives. Partners show each other their opinions and views on things like philosophies and moral issues. This ironically causes the supernatural connection you share to be both unifying and liberating.
  10. They calm you. Facing issues with a twin flame builds self-confidence and tranquility. Their physical presence can boost your strength, but even if they’re not nearby, the mere thought of them can soothe you in times of crisis.
  11. You become fluent in body language. You and your twin flame understand each other as nobody else can, so you know how each others’ bodies react to different situations and emotions. This equips you with the tools you need to help each other without having to ask.
  12. You transform. Your twin flame has the power to transform you into your best possible self. It propels you past obstacles and fills you with confidence. A twin flame helps you find fresh solutions and unique perspectives.
  13. You’re telepathic. Twin flames know what their partner is going to say before they say it. A twin flame also knows what their partner is thinking. You can communicate with a simple glance. You may even sense what they’re dealing with when you’re physically separated.
  14. Love feels like a fairy tale. A twin flame relationship can feel like a fairy tale come true. But don’t waste precious time speculating that bad things will begin to occur. Your relationship will grow and change over time, but that “too good to be true” feeling will always remain.
  15. Your understanding is complete. Regardless of how absurd a thought or emotion feels to you, your twin flame will understand it. So, don’t worry that your partner will not be able to understand how you feel or what you’re trying to say. They will.
  16. They counsel you. When you feel an unusual way or face an issue you don’t understand, twin flames not only understand, they can psychoanalyze you. Twin flame partners understand each other in every way, including their mental processes. They just need you to answer a few questions to ascertain what’s going on and help you start solving your problem.
  17. One partner may want to retreat. It’s common for one twin flame partner or the other to want to retreat. Overwhelming feelings of love can be frightening. The urge to flee may surface because you don’t feel ready, or you don’t have much experience with relationships. Twin flames’ relationships commonly ebb and flow until the partners realize that the relationship served its purpose, or they surrender to it.
  18. Uniting feels like surrender. When you and your twin flame finally decide to spend your lives together, you feel as though a weight’s been lifted, and you can breathe more easily. Surrendering to your partner leads to serenity and calmness. You feel secure, and you know the two of you can overcome anything as long as you’re together.
  19. You feel energized. Twin flame relationships are immensely energizing, making you feel like totally new people who could accomplish, conquer, or become anything. And the more time you spend together, the more empowered you feel.
  20. You feel united. Besides the energy, the more time you devote to your twin flame, the more united you will feel. You will still encounter adversity, but if you face it together, your connection will only grow stronger.

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