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Signs You Are with the Wrong Person

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Signs You Are with the Wrong Person

Some signs are obvious, some we choose to overlook. Below are some easy to miss signs that you are with the wrong person in life:

  • If you overthink before speaking, about any and everything. You should be comfortable enough to say nearly anything in front of the one you are with in life.
  • Defensiveness that is continual on both sides is never a good sign.
  • If you do not care whether friends and family like your partner, it is not meant to be. Maybe, subconsciously, you already know it’s not forever.
  • If you are not relaxed after hanging out with your partner, but feel exhausted each time, then walk away.
  • Feeling tense is also a sign that things are going bad. IF you feel like you must always hold up the relationship in every situation, move on.
  • Thinking about your future, but forgetting they could be a part of it, is a sign you do not plan on them being there.
  • When relief floods over you when they cancel plans, you need to walk away.
  • If your desire to grow and mature when with someone goes away, then your focus needs to change.
  • Hanging out can start to feel like an obligation that something fun.
  • Feeling increasingly insecure around someone.
  • Feeling like they never notice if you are happy or laughing.
  • You start behaving differently around friends when they are around.
  • When giving gifts you pick up anything, without thought for what they may like or enjoy.
  • When fighting turns into less problem solving and more about winning.
  • When one person makes all the decisions.
  • When spending time together is about being beside one another but doing different things.
  • When neither of you are actually listening in conversations.
  • When you no longer smile as you randomly think about the other person.
  • When you lose trust in them or their faithfulness.
  • Date nights become points of stress and totally unenjoyable.
  • There is no desire to talk about them in a positive manner to others.
  • When criticizing and nagging becomes second nature toward the other person, move on.
  • The other person becomes or feels like a strain on life and your happiness.

If several of these signs are present, it is time to cut your losses and move on. This is not the person you are meant to be with forever.

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