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Knowing Someone from Your Past

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Knowing Someone from Your Past

Have you ever felt like you have done something or met someone before even though this is the first time? Have you ever felt like you were in a certain moment before? Déjà vu happens when you are seeing something that might have happened in your past life.

If you embrace your psychic powers, you will know that you have moments in your life that you can remember things from your past life, and this can be a sense or a connection with someone. Your past life will try to communicate with you, and this is because you have lived many different lives and that means you might have went to the same places as others.

Having an instant connection with someone can mean that you have found someone in your life such as a soulmate.

Hurting You

You might see that you have the same problems now that you had in your past life. You choose not to learn the lessons that the universe is showing you and so you keep repeating the same mistakes over and over again. You have the same problems and challenges and you might even realize that you have an a-ha moment that shows you that you can remember this problem and that it might not have to last forever. Maybe you have relationship problems or money problems, and this is part of your past life.

People that you have shared your past life with might be in your current life as well. They might be the same such as a husband or a wife, but they might also be someone new such as a best friend.

It is not strange to come across people that share a lifetime with you and if you are picking up bad vibes on someone, it could be an enemy from your past.

Here are some signs that you are meeting someone from your past life:

Positive Connection

If you meet someone and you have an immediate positive connection, this can mean that your soul recognizes them, and it is someone that you had in your past life that you trusted.

Negative Reaction

If you find someone that you meet that you cannot stand, it might be because they are there since you did not learn your lesson. They can be your enemy, but they can also teach you a lesson. Learn from them and let your past be corrected.

Déjà vu

When you feel déjà vu, it can be because you experienced this thing in your past life.

Telepathic Connection

When you meet someone that you understand and you can even finish their sentence, this can be because you have traveled many lives together. You share a soul connection and you have a deep connection that is form your subconscious mind.


Recognizing someone’s eyes is something that can give you a common feeling with your soulmate. When you meet someone and you recognize their eyes, chances are you are spending a new lifetime with them and you have done this with them in the past.

Short Lived

A relationship can be short lived and can be intense and it can mean that you have unresolved issues with someone from your past life and they are there for closure. This relationship can be painful and confusing, but it can be there to help you resolve issues from your past.

This relationship can help you achieve your dreams and move forward.

Past Life Information

When you know about your past life, you can make a difference in your present life. If you have lessons that you have to learn, these can be powerful moments. Learning about your past life can help you to complete and learn this lesson.

If you are dealing with a painful thing, it can be because your past life was not completed and the sooner you can realize this, the sooner you can realize that you can recognize these things and move forward with them.

You have to understand that you can recognize a soulmate and you need to stop making the same mistake over and over again.

If you have an instant connection, they are probably from your past life and you need to learn to face the challenges that they bring. Achieving this goal can help you to move forward.

One way to learn from your past life is with past life regression. This can help you to understand what is happening in your current life and what your past has to do with it.

If you can get a past life regression, you can get answers to questions that you have that you are not able to get answers to. You can do this from home with a program or you can reach out to a psychic to help you. Past life regression helps you to have memories from your past life and can be guided meditation to help you understand what you went through.

If you get a past life regression done, it can tell you why you have questions and what your memories mean. A virtual past life regression program is cheap and can help you make sense of your past life without paying a big amount of money to do so.

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