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When Twin Flames Fall Out of Love

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When Twin Flames Fall Out of Love

Twin flames are more than a soulmate and they will come, and they will cause you to find and feel unconditional love.  The question many people ask is, “Can a twin flame fall out of love?” and the answer is that even though it seems impossible, this can happen.

Our souls know who we are supposed to be with, and the twin flame will match you because it will be sent by the universe.  A twin flame shares a soul with you and even if you do not understand this, a twin flame is two bodies with one soul that becomes whole when you meet each other.

Twin Flame Relationship

When you are with someone that you feel that you have known for ever, this sense means that you are welcoming that person home to you.  This person will complete you and make you feel whole, like no other relationship ever has.  Even from the first moment that you meet your twin flame, you will know that they are special and you will have a bond with them that is more intense than anything you have ever felt before.

With a twin flame relationship, you will feel that things are real and different.  You will be able to share your feelings and you will know that you have a strong connection.  This can even be a psychic connection.  You will sense what your partner is saying and feeling and since the pull is so strong, you will always want to be with them, rather in a physical or sexual way.

You will be occupied with this person all the time and you will not be able to stop thinking about them.  You will plan your day around them and want to do whatever makes them happy. You will feel one with this person.

Twin Flame Light

It seems terrible that you would share something so strong with someone and the thought of them leaving you just seems unbearable.  You will look at your twin flame and you see things about them that remind you of you, even the ugly parts of yourself that you don’t like.  The parts that you are judgmental about and the parts of you that are not disciplines.  When you experience these things from your twin flame, you will begin to feel uncomfortable around them and maybe even aggravated.

This could be the beginning of a relationship that is not going to work out.  This can cause twin flames to fall out of love and especially if your twin flame betrays you or cheats on you, you will see that there is an abandonment issue with them.  If they become addicted to drugs or sexual things, these can be obstacles that cause you to fall out of love with your partner.

Twin Flame Betrayal

When you are so strongly connected with someone, it will be special and when they betray or hurt you, it is devastating.  This can cause you to lose your happiness and to be heartbroken.  You will grieve over them and you will be shocked that they did that to you.  You will feel that you will be lonely and that part of you is missing.  You will have a hole in your heart, and you will feel hate towards them, even though you love them so much.  They will cause you agony.

When you face this with your twin flame, the problem is that you will still be attached to them.  You will feel betrayed, but it is impossible for you to really leave the situation.

Even though you are strong, and you no longer feel like you love them, they are hard to leave.  You feel like you don’t love them anymore, but you feel that you cannot unconnected yourself.  You get depressed and cannot imagine your life without them.  Eventually you will get back to normal and you will be able to leave even though the pull is there.

Seek Help

When you feel like you can’t make it anymore, you can.  You have to go and get help.  You don’t want to be tortured and in pain forever and you need someone that you can talk to.  If you don’t like your twin flame but you still love them, this is the core of love and part of a twin flame relationship.  This will never go away.

You will see that you can fall out of love but that you can never leave.  This is the point where you need to talk to someone and get support from them.  You can go to a psychic or a love mentor and they can help you through the relationship that you are facing.

When you have support, you can become whole and you can be strong and make sure that you do not have to deal with emotional drama.  When you face this type of loss, it can be hard and even though this happens, chances are your twin flame is just acting out of their normal life because life seems too rough for them, and love is hard sometimes.

Steps to Take

There are steps that you can take to get away from your twin flame and to be happy.  These can help you not to be angry and to move along in your life.  You can distance yourself form them and still see them because you will be strong.  Show your twin flame what they will lose when you are gone.

  • Don’t text or email them.
  • Cancel your dates.
  • Do not always be available for them.
  • Tell them you want to date other people.
  • If you are living with them, move into a different room.
  • Take mini vacations by yourself.
  • Pack your stuff.
  • Move out.
  • Cut off contact with him.


These are hard steps to take and you must listen to your intuition before you take action.  This can be very hard to do, and you must take things one step at a time.  Work towards healing and work towards stopping all contact with him.  By doing this, you will allow yourself a chance to heal and to move on in life.

Start working a spiritual program to help you get strong and to allow you to love yourself.  Your twin flame may change and come back to you and be a great partner.  But if they don’t, you will be strong enough to make it through your life, even if you fall out of love with your twin flame.

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