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What is Soul Seeding and How is it Powerful?

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What is Soul Seeding and How is it Powerful?

Soul seeding is when you have energy in your soul. Each person has energy that is seeds of different colors such as:

  • White
  • Red
  • Violet

These seeds are planted inside of you and once they are in your soul core you will feel energy from a psychic master inside of you. This energy will make you feel joyful, full of energy and will make you a great person to be around.

If you have ever been out and you met someone that seems to light up the room when they walk in, chances are this person has a lot of seed energy. This means that they have had these seeds planted in them over a lifetime and they are strong and amazing.

Some people that have these soul seeds might not even believe in the psychic world but because of their past life, they are able to light up a room.

Mystical Powers

When a person has been soul seeded, they can light up a room when they walk in. This light will shine outwardly, and other people can feel it.

If you are a shy person and you do not want to be shy anymore, getting a soul seedling planted in you can help you to become friendly and outgoing.

People that are friendly can become so sociable that they become successful in different careers and other paths of life.

Soul seeding not only will make a person shine bright inside, but it also makes them have confidence and self-esteem and they are happier than they have ever been.

How Does Soul Seeding Work?

The soul is something that is always growing and changing and in each lifetime the person will experience new things and new light. They will have both positive and negative experiences and they will have things that make them grow such as love, spiritual guidance and more.

When the seeds are fertilized this is called life. Each day someone lives will fertilize a new seedling. Soul seeds are planted in your soul and it is like rich soil and the seeds grow.

One thing that is important about soul seeds is that when the seed is planted, they must be programmed. With any seed, it will grow whatever it is meant to grow, and an orange tree will never grow an apple. It grows whatever it is programmed to grow.

Soul seeds are energy and they need to be programed to what you want them to grow. The best part is that it can grow to whatever you need. If you have a dream of something you want, you can let your soul seed grow to that.

Programming Soul Seeds

If you want to be something, you can program your soul seeds.  Here are some things you can have:

  • To help you be outgoing and confident.
  • To be more attractive.
  • To become successful in your career.
  • To be happier and less anxious and depressed.

A soul seed can be programmed into anything and all it takes is a trained master to do that.

Number of Seeds to Plant

It is recommended that there are 3 seeds planted at once within three months. This means that you can have 3 different desires.

People that have too many soul seeds planted at once get to do great things but because of Divine Law, you do not want to plant too many at one time.

There are steps to planting your soul seeds such as:

  • Program the seed correctly.
  • Plant into the soul core.
  • Instruct the person how to live.

If you are excited about your soul seed, you are ready.

What to Know

If you feel that your soul is calling you to do 3 things that you want to achieve, there are different ways that you can make this happen.

Getting your soul seeded means that you have to be ready and here are some things that must not be happening in your life or have happened in your life:

  • You cannot be an IV drug user within the last 3 years.
  • If you use Black Arts such as black magic, Santeria or more.
  • If you are wealthy or plan to be wealthy to hurt others.
  • If you have caused someone to go to jail for false reasons.

If you have done these four things, then your soul cannot be seeded.

How to Get Seeded

If being soul seeded is something you are called to do then you need to get this done. You can talk to someone that is a master and they can help you to get your soul seeded. Make sure you find someone that knows what they are doing and has done this before in order for it to work correctly.

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