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What Happens When You Meet Your Soulmate

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What Happens When You Meet Your Soulmate

There is nothing comparable to falling in love with the right person. It is said that there is a soulmate for each person. When we meet the right person, we suddenly see colors brighter, there is optimism wafting in the air, the breeze is sweeter, and new possibilities dance around. The person you are with is the most beautiful ever and completely into you as well. This is magical in every way.

However, just because you have fallen in love does not mean you are with a soulmate. When couples break up, one may feel heartbroken, wondering what happened. This is just the way relationships sometimes progress. If the fates are on your side and with a bit of luck, you may fall for your soulmate. Read on to find how to be certain you have found your soulmate.

Freaking Out

Meeting a soulmate is the greatest thing imaginable. Not everyone gets this opportunity, so if you do, it is indescribable. Unsurprisingly, it can also be intimidating. You may freak out from being overwhelmed because you suddenly have something and everything you always wanted in a partner. It can lead to anxiety and even insecurity. The key is not to panic and let your mind try to protect your heart. Even good things can be intimidating, so relax and let things unfold.

Increased Dopamine

Meeting a soulmate leaves you happy, almost giddy, all the time. Time spent with them is filled with smiles and joy while time apart is spend daydreaming about seeing them again. This nonstop bliss is due to the body releasing excess dopamine. This is the same chemical released in drug use, creating pleasure. Basically, your brain is addicted to this soulmate.

Feeling Alive

As if dopamine increases are not enough, the body’s pain response is dulled. You will only see the good in your partner in the beginning, less desirable stuff will take much longer to identify. Because of this, you will feel like you have found your other half and become more alive. It may feel as if you have just met, but known one another forever. From this feeling, confidence can be gained and self-improvement may take place.

Stronger Libido

You will go through several stages upon meeting your soulmate, the first of which is lust. This strongly impacts your libido. Though this may happen with people who are not soulmates, falling in love increases sexual desire. The lust stage is driven by the evolutionary basis to reproduce and populate. Part of the brain stimulates sex hormones and increases in desire are noticeable.

Sleeping and Eating are Less Important

As your libido increases it activates your brain’s reward center. When this happens, the second phase begins. This is known as the attraction stage. This is an all-consuming feeling due to an increase in dopamine and norepinephrine levels and a decrease in serotonin. Due to these hormonal changes, daily habits may also be adjusted. As you reach euphoric levels, appetite may decrease, as can sleeping.

Cuddle Time

Following lust and attraction is the attachment phase. This is highly important in building a relationship. This can change your body in many ways. During this time the body goes into overdrive creating oxytocin. Oxytocin is often called the cuddle hormone because it rewards you when you bond socially or snuggle with someone. It is necessary to forming attachments with soulmates, children, and even close friends.

More Hormones

Vasopressin levels tend to increase as well during the attachment phase. This hormone is vital in promoting long term relationships, facilitating spousal support, creating larger social networks, and even limiting negative communication. When with your soulmate, vasopressin provides feelings of security, calm, desire to protect, and comfort.

Actions Speak Loudly

Actions speak louder than words when you meet your soulmate. A soulmates actions should align with the things you have a right to when in a relationship. The things you have a right to are listed below.

  • Affection
  • Respect
  • Compassion
  • Time
  • Consideration
  • Intimacy
  • Interest
  • Generosity

These can take on different forms for couples, but should not be denied from a soulmate.

Knowing It’s Love

Finding a soulmate is amazing, but like everything else, the relationship is only as healthy as you are at the time. There is a difference between emotional dependency and falling in love. This can be hard to distinguish if you have had trauma in your past.

It is important to know the differences in these aspects prior to meeting a soulmate. If you are well knowledgeable about the difference in love and dependence, you can have a healthy, lifelong love when a soulmate comes into your life. The biggest difference is a desire to share love, not just get it.

No Need for Snooping

All relationships need to be built on trust. When you have met your soulmate, you should feel they can be trusted completely and they should feel the same about you. You should not feel a need to snoop on their social media, texts, or the like. If you do not have this type of trust, you are likely not with a soulmate. People tend to snoop when they are not being fulfilled and they are trying to understand why. When you are with your forever, trust will be natural.

Soulmate’s Put You First

Upon finding a soulmate, you will want them to meet your family and friends. In a perfect world, everyone will get along, but this is not always the case. When you are with a soulmate, you become the most important person in the other’s life so a confidence that your soulmate will have your back no matter what is what matters.

Fight Fair

Partners, even soulmates, have conflicts. In a healthy relationship, when disagreements arise, you fight fair. Being able to fight fair means you are with the right person.

Everything Comes Naturally

Every relationship takes work from both sides. There will always be compromises and details that require agreement. You will both also need to put boundaries in place. When you find a soulmate, these types of things come easily, much more naturally than with other relationships. There is much less drama involved. This also leads to increased hopefulness over time.

No Secrets

Honesty is important in every romantic relationship. When with a soulmate you will quickly acknowledge that secrets are not needed. You can safely share everything. This is a sense of safety that does not happen in all relationships. This is good because you can be real and authentic with one another. If you have truly found the one, this will be easy to attain.

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