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Understanding a Twin Flame Relationship

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Understanding a Twin Flame Relationship

Twin flames do not make up very much of the population. These people are empaths, star seeds, masters and others that have entered the earth on their journey so that they could find their missing people, their twin flame.

Twin flames will have both feminine and masculine energy. There will probably be a male that will have the masculine energy one that will be outspoken and logical and not very emotional while the female twin will have intuition, strong emotions and will be feminine. This is how the environment and universe wanted it to be.

These people will be opposites and will have different looks, behaviors, and other things but once they connect with each other, they will find that they are more similar than they realized. This person will be a mirror to their soul and will be there to teach life lessons and to help you heal and understand the world.

Soulmate and Twin Flame?

A twin flame is the missing part of your soul. This someone that you have connected with long before you were a human being. This is someone from the same soul family as you.

A soulmate is someone that can be a friend, lover, or family member or maybe someone that you do not know well such as a co-worker. They are very different than a twin flame.

A soulmate will not be romantic, usually, and they are there to show you who you are and to help you release karmic ties that you have. They will connect with you, but it will not be as intense as the twin flame relationship. You will not dream of this person and you will connect at a different level.

You will get something different from your twin flame. You will be with them for healing and you will have an unbreakable bond. You will learn to understand your twin flame and to grow.

Soulmates are not going to affect everything around you in your life and they are there to teach you, but they will most likely leave you. They will only stay in your life for a period of time and this will be to help you reach your higher self.

Your twin flame will be there for the rest of your life and they are there to give you what you need and to help you reach your higher self.

Soulmates do not always have romantic relationship s with you and even though there is an energy connection, it will be at a different level. Not all relationships are soul connections, and none are like a twin flame connection.


The coincidences that will happen with your twin flame are preordained. You are destined to be on the same path as your twin flame and the course is already there for you.

When two or things happen that are not usual in your life, this can be a sign of synchronicity. This is a meaningful event that happens and can happen between you and your twin flame.

When strange things happen or you have a soul connection, it can be life changing. You might often see the number 11:11 and this is because it is a twin flame number. This is a parallel event between you and your twin, and the number will soon change to 12:12. This is when the energy of your union shifts.

When you and your twin flame are mirrored, you will learn to love and care for each other. You will have unconditional love and have compassion for others. You will sacrifice yourself for other people. When you meet your twin soul, strange coincidences will happen that the universe ordained.

You will be drawn to the union of your twin flame and you will have intertwined your lives. You will no longer want to be alone and you will have a soul contract with this person. Once you have met this person, you will love them with all that is in you and nothing will be able to take this away.

This will be your favorite person that you have ever met, and they will be there to the point where you long for them at all times.


Each person’s journey is different but meeting a twin flame always changes what life is like. It gives you a different perspective of things around you and allows you to wonder how you ever lived your life without them before.

Your twin flame will never end, and your life will change. You will see them like you see yourself and it will be like a mirror to your own soul. You will be confused at times and out of control, but this is part of your change.

You will be very attracted to this person and your journey will change and what you believe will change. You will find what really matters and you will have a karmic partner in your life. They will take you out of your comfort zone, but they will make you happy.

At times, you will feel crazy over them, but you will always know that you need them. This is normal and you can choose to surrender to your twin flame, and this will help you not to have as much pain.

When you do not recognize your twin flame, look at your past and try to remember past events. Daydream and see if you see this person and what other faces you see. Pay attention to what you are picking up and let your brain wonder.

Runner and Chaser

There will be a time when one person becomes a runner. This means they will run away from you and avoid you. They will push their twin away and they will avoid being intimate. They will be too logical, and they will abandon the person, leaving them grieving and sad.  This will be heartbreaking for a time and will catch them off guard.

This person will put the other in a position where they feel lost and they feel that this is going to kill them. They will believe that the change is not meant to be, and it will cause them to be broken. The runner runs for a while to hide from their destiny. It causes them to not have to take risks and they can get away from the intense love and feelings that they have. They will love strongly but they will try to stay away until the chaser catches them.


The chaser will go after this person and will be passionate about this person till the end. They will be confused why the runner runs. They will hate the separation from this person, and it will break their heart. This will make them have pain but will make them stronger too.

They will want them so badly that they will only be able to imagine the other person. They love this person and they want to be together with them. They will feel tortured and they will feel that they cannot go on.

They will declare their love and feel obsessed and crazy over this person. This will cause the runner to be pushed away even further. This is a place where the chaser leaves a space for their twin and will not judge them or make them feel bad. They will stop trying to fix them and open their hearts to them and unconditionally love and support them.

Never the Same

Neither the chaser nor the runner will ever be the same. You will never be the same when you find your twin flame. This can be a positive time or a negative time, but you will never be separate.


Even if it takes a while for the chaser and runner to get back together, there will always be a special bond. You will always be attracted and will soon acknowledge that you are meant to be together.

The twin flame journey is about unconditional love and understanding each other. When you mature and you become selfless, you will see how important this relationship is.

How to Know if You are a Runner or Chaser

A chaser is someone that wants to have the connection with the twin flame and the runner is the one that does not want to face the connection. A runner has ego problems and might face problems because of their relationship status or their race or age.

These things can happen between both twin flames and twin flames can be both runners and chaser. Here are some points of runners and chasers:

  • There will be runners and chasers.
  • Both might be running.
  • One is awakened and one is not.
  • The chaser can be awakened and the runner not.
  • Both can be awakened, and both can be runners, but this is rare.

Runners that think they are chasers do not understand the concept of a twin flame. They long for their twin flame but they are afraid and insecure. They do what they think is the best for the other and that can mean running.

Another aspect is called a stayer. A stayer doesn’t run or chase, but they know their twin flame will be back when they are ready.

Stages of Twin Flames

The first stage is the stage where you are looking for the one, but they have not come yet. This is a sensation that you will feel that they are out there waiting for you and it is just a matter of time before they appear to you.

You have to love yourself before your twin flame can come and you have to be developed.

Stage 2

Stage 2 is when they come into your life. You meet your twin flame and you know they are meant to be with you. You have joy and excitement and even though you are cautious, you know the relationship is special before you really know them.

Stage 3

This is the stage where you fall in love with this person. You know them better than they know themselves and you feel lovesick for them.

Stage 4

This stage is the fairy tale stage and is where you go into a relationship with your twin flame. This is where you begin to experience turmoil and problems.

Stage 5

The stage of inner turmoil happens here, and this is where you and your twin flame have problems. You have differences and you seem to not be able to get along. You want to meet their needs, but you are repressing your emotions.

You become quiet an insecure and this is a painful place in your relationship. You wonder who they really are, and you wonder if you are going to make it in your relationship.

Stage 6

Stage six is the chaser and runner stage. This is where one twin flame will run away and will separate from you. It will cause heartache and pain.

Even though they are dependent of each other they need each other. This can happen repeatedly and be a cycle. The chaser will be more emotional, and the runner will keep running.

Stage 7

Once you realize that you are growing and you are more mature, you will have a period of surrender. This will be where your insecurities start to fade, and you will learn the difference between you and your twin flame.

This will be a time of maturity and the relationship will get deeper.

Stage 8

When the relationship problems come to an end, you will become one with your twin flame. You will have empathy and understanding with them and you will be patient. This will be the stage where you become one or you let your ego take over.


You will think of your twin flame 24/7 and these feelings will never go away. You will be overwhelmed by them and by things in your life.

The universe will allow your relationship to push away for a season and you will love them beyond anything you ever thought possible.

You will have a strong passion and you will make your twin the most important thing in your life. You will change who you are, and you will reach different levels of your being. The love that you have will be so strong. There might be sex but there might not be.

Your twin flame will not only be the ultimate love story, but it will be someone that is always there for you. You will feel that you are cheating on your twin if you are with someone else and your soul wants nothing more than to be with your twin.

The twin will try to convince you that they are meant to be with you, and you will have a strong urge to be with them. You will have a connection that is so overwhelming that you will only want them in your life.

If you separate with your twin flame it will only be for a season. Your twin flame will be with you for your whole lifetime and maybe in your next lifetime. Your twin flame will never stay away from you long.

You will be together and unified in love and they will be there to test everything about you. You will have your emotions tested and your stability and your faith. Everything that your twin does will be something that you need to work on, and you will see them as your greatest mirror.

You will have a union that aligns yourself with your twin flame.

If you and your twin flame are not together because you are both married and other circumstances, you will always be tempted to be with them because the attraction will be so intense.


There is a divine plan for you and your twin flame to be together. There will be lessons that you have to go through but there is also free will. You have given your life where you can choose what you do with it and if you choose to not be with your twin flame and do something different, that is up to you.

You are on a divine path with your twin flame and you are meant to be together but that does not mean that it will happen. Stop delaying the progress and stop being impatient.

Your Twin Flame is Not:

  • There to hurt you.
  • It is built on unconditional love.
  • Will not cheat on you.
  • Will not lie to you.
  • Will not use you.
  • Will not break up with you.


You have a mission on this earth to reach your highest being. When you get with your twin flame, this is part of your mission. This is where your soul will be activated, and your vibrational frequency will increase. Some are on their mission and they do not even realize it.

Each soul can not be on a twin flame mission and this is only happening when there are twin flame souls that are set up by the universe.

Twin flames go on a search and they go through painful things in their life. They have to be healed before they meet their twin flame and then they exchange things in their life.

They are there to cooperate with each other and to support each other on the earth.


The twin flame incarnates to the earth to help the planet ascend. The twins have strong frequencies and when they are reconnected, they have such a high energy that the planet needs to move forward.


Twin flames are there to help families heal. They balance the masculine and feminine energies and they are protective of each other.

Twins have an energy field that is passed on to generations and they affect the earth immediately.

New Relationships

Twin flames are new on the earth and they are used to help balance the ripple effect of the planets. They help with new relationships and help to make duties and contracts without being afraid.

Signs of a Union

  • You think your twin flame is close.
  • You are needy or obsessed with them.
  • You want to renew yourself.
  • You are happy and excited for no reason.
  • You do not want to change you are just happy.
  • You have unconditional love.
  • You are not being chased each day.
  • You are in synch with the signs.
  • You see 11:11 a lot.
  • You have financial security.
  • You have a strong union.
  • You are happy where you are.

Difference Between Soulmate and Twin Flame

There will be different vibrations but here is some point of the twin flame:

  • You are at an equal soul level.
  • You have connected chakras.
  • You have unconditional love.
  • Energy.
  • Negative traits.
  • Positive traits.
  • Emotional triggers.
  • Intense feelings.
  • Intimacy.
  • Telepathy.
  • Soul effect.
  • Feel closer to your higher power.
  • You face obstacles.
  • You heal.
  • They are not your type.
  • You are attracted to them.
  • You only have eyes for one.
  • You share a mission.
  • You have been separated a long time.

Soulmate Connections:

  • Familiar with each other.
  • Energetic.
  • Harmony.
  • Intense feelings.
  • Can be friends, neighbor, family.
  • Have been a partner in your past life.
  • Telepathy may or may not happen.
  • Honesty and sensing.

A twin flame is someone that is your soul mirror and a soulmate is someone that is there to teach you a lesson and to wake you up.

If you have met your twin flame you will feel these things:

  • A feeling of intense knowing.
  • They make you think differently and believe differently.
  • They come in and out of your life.
  • They never go away.
  • They feel that you have known them forever.
  • They feel like home to you.
  • You are a yin and yang with them.
  • You miss them when they are not there with you.
  • You change when you are with them.
  • You are emotional with them.
  • You have a strong bond.
  • You click right away.
  • Your bond grows.
  • You have passion for them.
  • You have a strong connection that is destined to be together.
  • You are more than lovers.
  • You are best friends.
  • You teach each other.
  • The one is always pulled to you.
  • You have hard times in your relationship.
  • Things can be painful at times.
  • One is more spiritual than the other.
  • You are tuned into them.
  • When you look in their eyes you see something close to you.
  • You are different but the important things you have in common.
  • You share the same goals.
  • They show you what you want and what you fear.

If you have a twin flame, then you will meet this person on your journey in life. You will recognize them right away and you will have a sense that you have known them forever. They will change your life and make you feel whole.

Your relationship will be intense because you will be a mirror of them. This will give you knowledge about who you are and show your flaws. You will know who you are, and you will be happy with your relationship. They will be part of you.

Your relationship will be honest and unconditional. You will always be apart of your twin flame even if they go away or you reject them.

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