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Things You Can Learn from a Rainbow Child

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Learn from a Rainbow Child

You may have people in your family, children, that seem special and that seem to have more spiritual gifts than adults. If you experience this, chances are that you are experiencing the idea of a rainbow child.

A child with rainbow qualities is someone that is sensitive to the world around them and they have special energies and abilities. They are very sensitive and sometimes they are very young.

These children say extra-ordinary things and they often scare people around them because they don’t understand their powers. They know that fear cannot hurt them, and they have wisdom that surprises people that are older and that have been around for a long time.

A rainbow child feels a lot and they are often scolded for what they feel which causes them to be someone that they are not really meant to be. They cause people fear and they often have to suffer with their powers because they feel that the world cannot help them or let them be their own person.

These people have more of a mental attachment than a physical attachment to people and they often worry that they are not living up to their school, families or friends’ ideas. They know they are different, but they do not know how to handle the differences.

A rainbow child knows that they can learn from others and they learn not to compare themselves to others. They see the strength in others, and they embrace the talents of others and the weaknesses. They are non-judgmental and they enjoy learning new things.

Wisdom of the Rainbow Child

Most adults would have a hard time embracing the wisdom of a rainbow child. As adults, people are not able to understand the generation of those that have psychic abilities.

This can mean a rainbow child, crystal child, star child, golden child or more. Many children have these psychic abilities and parents are afraid of it, so they choose to shame them or to try to stifle them.

They often are unable to express themselves and this can cause them to become quiet and introverted and can cause them to not share themselves.

A rainbow child can teach you to become a better person and to be more spiritual. They can teach you about love and about understanding.

A rainbow child can teach adults how to love others unconditional, to stop judging and to have humanity towards others.

Knowing the power of love and the award that you can feel by embracing a rainbow child can be very empowering.

Learn to be humble in your words and to understand and be open minded when you meet someone that has special gifts.

A rainbow child is amazing, give them a chance to explain themselves and who they are because love does not always have to be explained.

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