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There is a sixth sense available to everyone, but most people are too shut down to realize it is present. Even those who do realize it is present often cannot use their gift because they are too wrapped up in their own stuff to see clearly. We must learn to trust this intuition and inner psychic ability, especially when making decisions. At the core levels of all the issues we explore and need to handle, we all have a deep sense of intuition and self. This will guide us to the truth of a situation if we will allow it to happen. Learning to allow it is what is so challenging.

We spend so much time in our own heads that our intuition becomes suppressed. Your gut can guide you to right answers, but we ignore it and listen to our mind, allowing it to lead us to something we are not comfortable with or do not want to do. This can apply to dealing with friends, in business, over finance, around career moves, and even when it comes to health and well-being. We all have a failsafe system for guidance in making the best choices, but we overthink and then override this intuition. We do not trust our own intuition and we may not understand why.

The answer is actually simple. We are taught from an early age not to trust ourselves and to disengage from emotions. We are then taught to focus on the world outside ourselves, even if this is a poor formula for a good life. Being tuned into our vibrations and energies around us is how we are psychic. These are the things we are all connected to and the reason we can enter a room and know the mood without ever speaking. Think of it in terms of animals. Animals know within seconds whether they trust someone or not because they trust only their intuition. People can do the same, but we suppress that feeling instead. We second guess and seek external validation to know if something is acceptable or not. This is when we consciously go off track. We tend to choose this option because we want to make someone else happy or appease some situation. We make choices and perform certain actions because they are considered ‘right’ by society or those we care about.

This can cause us to ignore our internal signals because we are so disconnected. We may end up not being able to sleep wondering what option to take. We may not all become psychics that answer questions for others or help guide them to their best choices. We may not all consult with police departments to help find those who have gone missing. We may not even be the type that can tune into our bodies and others to discover hidden health problems. Many may not believe these types of psychics exist. Still, we all possess a psychic ability in some context, this is intuition. Intuition is connected to the nervous system and emotions which communicate with you at all times.

Regardless of what you believe, tap into intuition to see the gift that you may have previously ignored. This can be life changing. It is time to connect or reconnect with the deep knowledge that has always been part of your being. It will allow you to make better and healthier decisions and build your confidence as you do so. Trust yourself to tap into this intuition and discover the world that opens up to you.

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