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Soul Contracts

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Soul Contracts

We will meet a lot of different people in our lives and many of them we will forget about. Most of the people we meet will not make a huge impact or impression on our lives while others are very strong in our lives and affect all of the existence we have. They will sometimes challenge us and cause us to wonder who we are and even bring changes to our lives.

These are people we meet for specific reasons and the reasons are sometimes situations we do not understand. The relationship will have a purpose and once it is fulfilled, we will realize that we were supposed to meet this person and that they played a huge role in our life journey and the way we changed. These people are our soul contracts.

What is a Soul Contract?

Soul contracts are agreements that our soul makes with other people. We have these contracts with people, and they are connected to us. They are there for a specific purpose and they help to teach us lessons.  These relationships could have happened in past lives. Each person that has a soul contract with us is there for a specific purpose and they are part of your life journey.

Some soul contracts are with family, friends, lovers or just people we meet like teachers. When we are born and even before, we chose where we live, and we choose who our parents are and where we will be born. These will be the people that influence us first and they will help us to figure out who we are, and they help to show our behaviors and our life patterns.

We will make blockages in our lives when we meet these people and we will be wounded sometimes but later, we will heal. These different patterns will be people that we have soul contracts with, and they will teach us about who we are and what we should become in our life.

These soul contracts affect who we are and reach us at a different level than others. After we meet these souls, we will never be the same.

The soul contracts we have will affect our relationships with other people, but they will help to teach us, heal us, and help us on our journey.

Here are how soul contracts affect us:


We have a path that our soul takes and there are people that we will meet along the way that help to heal us and lead us through our darkest times.

We will make contracts with these people so that we can discover ourselves and they help us to be challenged and to get rid of bad things that we tend to turn to. They help to give power to our souls and to grow us and bring healing where we need it.

All relationships that bring healing are our soul contracts and they are already chosen. We choose these different souls before we even are born and each of them will teach us a lesson and will help us on our journey. They are there to help us heal.

We will have strong emotions that are happy and painful in our life and sometimes we have wounds that are very deep and need healing. These wounds make us aware of who we are, and we have to figure out how to heal within ourselves instead of denying our feelings and this is why they are chosen.

There is a focus on our life and our soul contracts help to fulfill our purpose and help us to see things in a different light. We can have lessons that we learn from right away or sometimes we have to repeat them to heal our wounds.

Healing Soulmate Relationships

When we have a soulmate, we reach this person at a soul level and we get to know each other. They give us the gift of love and a connection and teach us important lessons in our life. There will be karmic relationships and even twin flame relationships in our life.

The soul connections are important because they help us to change and they teach us to love unconditionally. They challenge who we are, and they help us to awaken our abilities and to grow with ourselves and with them.

We will see challenges with these people, but they are also there to give us potential to learn and to love them and ourselves.

Our soulmates will show us how to love and will give us trials that we have to experiences so that we can learn to really love who we are. We must find unconditional love. Having a soul contract can be a hard lesson but it makes your life different.

We have soul contracts for a lifetime to help us have a safer place and to not be fearful or selfish. We have these to teach us truth. Our future will become better with each soul contract we meet and will help us to stop our ego and to be about the heart.


Our relationships help us to reach the paths that we are meant to reach. We will see our lives and see how we feel, and our relationships will prove to have reason. The relationships will teach us to fulfill who we are and will stop limiting us and restricting us from moving forward.

Sometimes we block things in our life because things are hard, but our soul contract will challenge us and help us grow.

We attract these relationships so that we can learn more about who we are and learn to support ourselves in love and hope. We will have challenges and learning is okay. We will learn to let go of the past and to be stronger in our mind, body, and emotions.

We will learn to see what we need and will develop over our lifetime where we can feel worthy of love, acceptance, and confidence. We will protect ourselves and the soul contract will help us by teaching our hearts and our bodies.


Soul contracts help to teach us, but they also help us to understand other people. We will learn about our own needs and about the fears we have.

Each person we meet is for a purpose and will teach us about things that will change our future and how we relate to other people.

Each time we come to an obstacle in life, it will make us feel limited but when we find a soul contract, they show us that we can change and that our patterns and behaviors can affect how we move forward. Each of these relationships will give us different energy and lessons.

Some of these will come back and will be designed when we incarnated, and each relationship is part of our transformation and part of our future change.

When we change, we will not follow into past patterns that we have learned, and our future relationships will be better. We will have more self-love and stop letting fear limit us. We will learn that we are worthy of love and it will lead to a better future and a divine plan.

Letting Go

Each soul contract has two missions, one to let the soul come together and one to show us our purpose. When our life is fulfilled, we are no longer broken. When we learn the lessons we have been carrying, we move on to a new thing and we learn something else that can give us power and strength.

When it is time for the relationship to end, we do the right thing and move forward. There are reasons that this person was your friend or your lover and this does not mean you will stay with them. Once the purpose is fulfilled, the contract will end, and the relationship will have served its purpose.

The lesson will stay there but being with them will no longer make your life better and so the soul contract will be over.

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