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Signs and Symptoms of Experiencing a Deep Spiritual Awakening

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Signs and Symptoms of Experiencing a Deep Spiritual Awakening

When most people think of spiritual awakenings, it is of a calm time when angels, guides, and spiritual protectors come out to help, but it is not usually completely calm. Most times, intense, unusual feelings can arise with sporadic thought patterns that question whether it is even normal. This is because a spiritual awakening is a transformation from dark to light. Below is a list of major symptoms and signs of a major awakening so you know what is happening or what to watch for during your own transformational process.

A spiritual awakening is the beginning of a spiritual journey, stage one so to speak. It can be triggered by a traumatic event and tends to come out of the blue. However, it will always happen when it is most needed. There is no way to prepare for a spiritual awakening, nor know when it is coming. It will cause a shake up in your life, but leave you truly transformed. We should desire spiritual awakenings to see beyond societal illusions and see our true lives and self. This is the life we are meant to live that is full of happiness, abundance, and prosperity.

Common Symptoms of a Spiritual Awakening

  • Losing interest in what once brought you joy and/or happiness
  • Feeling directionless or totally lost
  • Rollercoaster of emotions
  • Feeling like life is false or fake
  • Seeking for meaning and a life purpose
  • You see beyond people’s masks to their unhappiness
  • You feel like a misfit in the world
  • You become a dreamer or visionary looking toward a better world you help create
  • You start asking thought provoking, deep questions
  • You walk away from those not supporting your higher purpose
  • You see beyond man’s creation of society
  • You crave time alone
  • You feel drawn to help other living things in some way, animals, nature, and others, even if you do not yet know how
  • Small talk becomes shallow and needless
  • You are desperately seeking to understand who you are
  • You have internal struggle between ego and the higher self
  • Patterns start to emerge with regularity
  • You can forgive those who have harmed you in life
  • You start taking more responsibility for your actions and decisions

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