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If your are seeking help from psychic healing, the best way to start is to find out what it is. Psychic healing is basically an energy exchange.  It is similar to a conversation or dialogue. Instead of an exchange of voices, it is an exchange of energy. This energy comes from the one healing to the one being healed.

Psychic energy

Psychic energy is just like regular energy which is to say that it is not created or able to be destroyed It just is and it can be transferred from one energy source to another.

This makes psychic energy easier to understand. Psychic healing is a  means by which energy is balanced.

Types of Psychic Healing

Each  type  of psychic healing is different  and offers unique benefits. If you want to be a psychic healer yourself,  you will have to determine the type of healing that works best for you and your natural talents.


Spiritual healing is a  fluid form of healing. For  spiritual healing, the healer asks a for the spirit world to send a healing force to be sent to the  to the person being healed.This kind of healing is special and rewarding to both the healer and the healed.


This type of  healing, is simple but must be done carefully. In this type healing, the healer employs the universal life force which is  known as either “ki” or “prana”. The healing focuses the  force to where the healing is needed.

Mental healing

This kind of healing is  powerful and it uses  the human mind. The healer makes a  a connection to the other person and to the affected area that needs healing. The healer then creates the image to be healed so that they project their energy in the  right direction.

Next Steps

Psychic healing is performed through different methods. Each method is selected for its usefulness for each type of healing.

The most important thing to remember is that everyones experience is unique and you should pick the one that is best for you.



While few people know the specifics of psychic healing, they do know one of the tools of healing; crystals.  While it may seem cliche, crystals are valuable to psychic healing.  This is because they can both hold energy and can intensify a person’s natural energy.


This healing technique is special because it is one of the oldest. It goes back centuries to Asia and China.  Many people reluctant to try it because they associate the needles with pain.  This is misinformation. Acupuncture  helps release the negative energy and helps rebalance a person’s energy. The first step is for the healer gets some fine needles. They then place the needles in various points on the body.  The points on the body are along the body’s small centers of energy. These are called meridians.


Acupressure is, in a way, related to acupuncture. A major difference is that acupressure does not use needles. It works by the healer uses their fingers to apply pressure to different spots on the body to reales the ki, life force energy.

Quantum Healing

This type of healing has gained some popularity within the last few years. It is called quantum healing because it has  a connection to the science of quantum mechanics.

Its complexity makes it difficult to completely understand.However, its connection to science makes it more acceptable to cynics because of its scientific roots.

In this type of healing, the healer has his own way of breathing becoming aware of his or her bodyThe healer has different ways of using energy that include frequency, power, and behavior.


Reiki has some similarity to quantum healing but it is also its own kind of healing Reiki comes from Japan and is very popular. The name itself means higher power healing. In this healing the healer puts their hands above the area to be healed.  They may also lightly touch the area to be healed. The healer guides the Ki to the affected area.

If you do not know what kind of healing you want, you should go out and try one or more out. You should also do some research on the types of healing. A reputable healer will be happy to answer your questions.  Remember that you are allowed to try different ones until you find the one that is right for you.

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