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Past Life Guide

It is not always easy to remember your past life but when you take time to tap into what happened in your past life, you will see that you are happier and that you know that your life has had a purpose.

Some people think that life and death are just the end of things and others believe that people have had different lives than they have now. This is called reincarnation and can be something that can be found in different cultures all around the world. Some believe that your soul is born into another body after you die and those that want to believe this are always trying to make sense of their life now and to understand how their life is connected with their past life.

There are some psychics that will give you a past life reading but there are ways that you can learn to remember your past life on your own.

In some situations you wonder why you are not able to remember your past life at all and this can be because we forget things as the universe allows us because maybe in the past life our lives were not good or things were not simple.

The interesting thing about our brains is that it is hard to remember things from both the life we live now and then include the past life. We would have to be able to take the memories and the feelings and learn to process them and this can cause us to feel rejected or upset from what we have done in our past life.

When we remember things from the current life and from the past life, things that we have kept hidden in our minds can mean that we are suppressing things that we might not be able to make sense of. We could put things into our minds such as what if we were afraid of bugs in the past life but you work outside or what if you are afraid of heights and you realize that you work for the electrical company and you have to climb poles?  The different things that are experienced in the past life can be things that you might have hated but you like now and so these memories might be repressed.

As you are able to bring up memories in your past life, you have to be disciplined in your mind so that you can figure out what you want in your life now and what you have experienced and what purpose it was.


When you want to know about your past life, one of the best ways to do this is by writing things down that you experience. If you have a memory or déjà vu, write it down in your journal, even if it seems that it doesn’t fit in the bigger picture.

The mystery of your past life can be better understood if you understand what is going on in your present life. There might be memories that come to you out of nowhere and these might make you feel that you are on top of the world and powerful, something you have not felt before. Know this feeling and notice if it is a clue to your past life.

What You Believe

People in different religions believe different things and they will talk about the idea of life and death and other situations. You must know what you believe, and you must realize what kind of ideas you have. When you are unsure, take time to reevaluate your life and what you believe and decide if you believe that reincarnation is possible or not. Even if you are still worried or concerned about it, take time to figure out what you believe.


Dreaming is not a hard thing to do and even if you have not tried to make yourself dream, you will find this is easy. Before you go to bed, read everything that you have written down in your journal and ask the universe and your spirit guides to give you information from your past life.

This is something you are asking, and your guides want to help you. Remember that if you are serious, chances are you will dream about this in your sleep. Always keep your journal close to you in case you wake up and you have details that you need to include in your journal.

If you do not dream right away, ask each night and do not give up, sometimes things take time to come into play.


If you remember some things that seem ugly in your past life, remember that this is a learning period. Take time to learn about the things that you have done and learn a lesson from them. The situation that you are in might make you realize that you can do something better in the life that you are in now and be a better person.

Having freedom to your past life is not always easy and if it is given to you, it is a gift and you should be happy that you were given this gift. Be thankful and thank the universe and your spirit guides.

If you have tried to get in touch with your past life and you feel that you are not getting anywhere, you can always seek a professional and trusted psychic to help you in your journey.

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