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Overcoming Fears of Psychic Training and Mediumship

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Overcoming Fears of Psychic Training and Mediumship

Venturing into the unknown holds an element of fear for everyone. This means it is also true of mediumship development. These fears often stem from the views we get on television and movies. The media tends to shine a negative light on contacting spirits or shows mediums as shifty and untrustworthy. Even if you don’t believe these portrayals, a nagging doubt could overshadow mediumship development when in training.

A poor childhood experience could also negatively affect this development. If you fear that spirits are harmful or could cause harm or were part of a negative spirit encounter then fears are normal. Still others may have developed the fear based on the influence of others like friends and family, church and the Bible, or general public opinion.

Those pressures put a damper on the enthusiasm for beginning training, but mediumship development is safe and moral.

What Ifs

Fear usually stems from the what ifs in life. All fears you have should be identified if you want to train in mediumship. If we continue to resist facing the fears, the more it takes root in the mind and body. Accept the fears and move forward. Be honest about even subconscious resistance.

To get started, sit down to think about the specific fears or what they might be. Write down everything that comes to mind after contemplating a bit. Next, think back to when or why those fears started. Some fears may be surprising, but all need taken care of before training. Finally, read over the list and take off anything that really doesn’t apply. Read through what is left and address the fears one by one by speaking them out loud and then renouncing them with a positive. Do this with each fear.

Begin by imagining a setting that makes you feel safe and secure. Now focus on your physical body and the first fear and feel it in your body. This may be felt in your gut or as a tingle or small pain. Focus on where the sensation is felt.

Now, imagine reaching into your body and pulling the energy from yourself. Hold it in your hand and examine what it looks like. Focus on the texture, color, and smell. Talk to the object like it is alive and find out where it originated. Question it through intense interrogation until you feel in control. If any answers surprise you, journal them.

Acknowledge the thing and tell it, it is not needed because you are now in charge. Demand it to be entirely gone. Envision the thing melting away and any left over energy turning into positive light. Be confident in the knowledge that this thing is no longer a problem and the fear is dissolving. Take a moment to enjoy the lighter feeling you should now have. Repeat this for each fear, even if it is over several sessions. On the last one, expel your breathe forcefully and ground yourself.

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