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Meeting a “Woundmate” Like a Soulmate But Completely Different

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Even though you think they are, the woundmate is not going to be your perfect match.  They will be the person that you share an electrifying connection with and you share the same sense of life.  They will be someone that you have good chemistry with and someone that you feel is just like you.

Your woundmate will understand you like no one else does and can seem to see into your soul in a deep way.  This is the person that you have wanted to find your whole life.

Your woundmate will come into the relationship and give you promises and tell you how much they love you and how they have never felt like this with anyone before.  They will tell you that they cannot imagine how their life would be without you.

This all follows something that becomes dark.  They will not commit and they will get mad almost to the point of rage here and there.  You trigger each other in good and bad ways.  You are happy and sad.  You have met your woundmate.

Your woundmate will be the person where you share your emotional problems and they will seem like they are your soulmate.  The difference is that your soulmate will give you opportunities to heal and your woundmate is there to reopen all of your wounds and then they will leave you and make you deal with your problems on your own.

When you meet your woundmate and you have awareness that there is conflict that isn’t resolved then it can cause you to want to clear the connection and to grow together.

The woundmate can trigger up all of the hurt and then trigger and trigger until you are in a deep and dark place and you are attached to someone that just continuously drags you down.

Your woundmate will seem like you because they are like you and you are both carrying the parts of you that are dark and the parts you don’t let others in to see.

You become romanced by this and you have the desire to consume the relationship.  Soon you see that the relationship is what is mirroring you and that you are not healing.  This is who you are and your hurt and emotional scarring is there and it is not healing.

Your woundmate will show you what being lost and rejected is about and will make you feel that you are accepted and free in your hurt.

This isn’t real love and it isn’t the right partner for you.  You will never survive in a relationship with someone that is a woundmate.  This is jaded by love and they usually are only in a relationship with someone who sees them who they are and is compatible with them.

Your woundmate is the person who shows you what you have about you that needs healing and your soulmate is the person that will help you to heal and help you to have a happy and healthy life.

You don’t want to spend the rest of your life with your woundmate but you might feel like you do because of your emotions.  Sometimes our passion makes us have to rise to a new level.  This is how we learn to carry on.

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