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Law of Attraction and Your Twin Flame

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Law of Attraction and Your Twin Flame

When you want to manifest your twin flame, it can be one of the most exciting things in your life. Maybe you are seeing this person in your dreams and you feel that it is time.

Manifesting someone can be hard and frustrating and you might become angry or bitter. This happens because when you are manifesting your twin flame, or your other half, you have a lot to go through in order to do it.

There are different ways to manifest them such as:

  • Begging
  • Bargaining
  • Praying
  • Meditating
  • Clearing
  • Burning Candles
  • Doing spells
  • Purifying
  • Calling Your Twin Flame
  • Talking to angels
  • Speaking to psychics

Once you do all these things and nothing happens, chances are you will become bitter because you feel that the universe is not answering you. You wonder why you cannot find happiness and you wonder why you deserved this.

You do not know why things are not working out for you and it can make you angry and make you feel that you are suffering. Chances are you will get to a point where you might even feel like a victim.

The universe will be there for you and you will go through different relational experiences that might make you keep feeling like a victim. This happens because the energy that you send out and the ideas that you have are not allowing you to manifest what you need.

Maybe you have been in a cycle of hurt, pain, lack and more and you have a hard time of understanding energies.

Rules of Manifesting

The universe wants to give you what you want. The law of the Universe is the same as the law of gravity and the law of attraction. It tells you that when you want something, if you send the vibrations to the universe that it will send it back to you. Therefore, if you want a relationship or a situation to happen, you can send out your hopes and your twin flame can come.

You can never get what you want if you are negative and you have to stop allowing your experiences to make you feel trapped or to make you doubt. You have to get rid of feeling like a victim.

Active and Positive

You have to shift your focus from negative to positive. You have to stop attracting negativity in your life. You can do this by meditating.

Universe is Listening

The universe is always listening to you. No matter if you are feeling good or feeling bad, when you talk to the universe, it is listening. You can send out a prayer and you can do it in a positive way, or you can do it while you are judging others and being negative. This will not get you the results you want.

The universe knows when you are being positive and negative and when your attitude is negative, the universe will send you back negative things. You have to show the universe that you are positive and have positive intentions. If you are feeling tired or upset, take time to rest and let the universe know you are trying.


No matter what you do, you cannot trick or control the universe. You cannot make it do what you want or pressure it. If you push too hard, the desires you have will not come. The experiences and feelings that you have will bring you the opposite of what you want when you are not being positive.

It is hard and life can be challenging but when the universe hears you, it knows what you want. It desires to give you what you want. What you send out in the universe is like a mirror and it is bound by the law of attraction. When you express what you are feeling, chances are you will manifest what you are sending out.

The good news is that when you are positive and you send out positive vibrations, the universe will match this as well. This means when you manifest and focus on your future and you have a positive outlook, good things can come.

What You Deserve

When you are thinking about what you want, the universe is listening. Ask the universe to give you what you deserve, not just what you feel that you deserve.

If you are feeling like you are undeservingly then chances are that the universe will not give you things that make you feel good or happy. The universe is going to deliver to you whatever you give it.

Believing that you do not deserve to be happy will bring you unhappiness in your life because of the law of attraction. No matter who you are, the universe cannot give you what you want until you know you deserve good things.


Everyone has made mistakes and we are all learning. You have to learn to forgive and accept you for who you are. You know that you deserve good, you just have to see that in yourself.


When you stop trying to control things, chances are you will see your twin flame come. When you learn to accept that things are the way that they are and that you actually do deserve good things, good things can show up.

You will see that your soulmate or twin flame can come when you stop trying to control things and you learn that you can get what you deserve and break the cycle of negativity.

When you let go of things, you can have them manifest into your life by the universe. You will change your vibrations and it will cause you to get rid of your fears and the things you are lacking.

You cannot manifest good things when your mindset is full of fear and anger. You have to realize that you deserve good things rather they come, or they do not. The best thing you can do for yourself is learned to be kind, loving and to get rid of negative thoughts that are harming you.

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