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Healing Your Aura from Stress

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Healing Your Aura from Stress

When you have negative energy, it is important that you clear out your aura.  If you have seen your aura and it is dim or blurry, chances are, it is full of stress, anger and negative emotions that is draining out the colors.  This can be because of toxic things in your life and can leave your aura weak.  Since your aura protects you from outside negativity, it is important that you keep your aura strong.

You could hire a professional healer to cleanse you and there is way that you can heal your own aura at home, it is just important that you do it.

There are some ways that you can strengthen your own aura whenever you are feeling stressed or full of anxiety:


Smudging is when you burn different herbs and you let the smoke surround your body.  You can try copal, sage, myrrh and other herbs and this can bring you peace.  Let the smoke surround you and take away all of the negative energy that flows through you.

Salt Bath

Salt baths are a perfect way to get rid of impurities on and inside of your body.  Make your bath with hot water, or as warm as you can stand it and add salt such as Himalayan Sea salt or Epsom salt.  Add enough salt so that you can purify your aura.


Being one with nature can help to remove negative feelings and emotions from your body.  When you want your aura to heal, go into nature.  This is called Earthing.  Go outside and take your shoes off and stand in the grass.  Lay outside in the sun.  Soak up some of the universe’s energy.


There are many crystals that are good for healing.  When you feel trapped in your emotions and you feel negative feelings and thoughts creeping up on you, use crystals like onyx, quartz and tourmaline to help increase your aura.  You can wear these crystals on your body for extra protection.


The sun will help to bring positive feelings into your life.  Go outside and bask in the sun until you feel better.

Cleansing Spray

You can purchase cleansing sprays online that will help to cleanse your aura, or you can make your own.  After you make them, just spray them around the room, on your sheets and on your body.  Breath in the scent and allow your aura to be free.


There are ways that you can cleanse your aura without using any tools.  All you have to do is meditate and imagine that your aura is getting cleaned of all of the clutter that you have picked up over the day.  Imagine that you are surrounded by water or a white light.  Imagine the light or the water cleansing your aura and surrounding you like a bubble.

Your aura is now cleaned and ready to take on the challenges of your day.

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