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Finding Out Who You Were in the Past Life

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Finding Out Who You Were in the Past Life

When you hear the word reincarnation, it means that you begin a new life in a body that isn’t yours and could be a person or an animal.  This is a teaching that is form different religions and ancient times.  This is something some people believe in and some that do not.

Some will think that there are signs that point to reincarnation.  They can feel pains that they shouldn’t have or feel that they are places that they have never been.  There are also birth marks and other things that are not really answerable as to why they are there.  These all can be signs of a past life.  Here are some ways you can figure out who you were in the past life.

Ready the Room

Get the room comfortable and make sure that your temperature is right and perfect.  Fix the curtains so the room is not too bright and make sure that you have all the televisions and radios off and that you are calm and in a powerful and peaceful area.


Take time to find inner calmness by meditation and preparing yourself.  Let your body be alert and your mind be alert but calm.  Make sure you have eaten already and that you aren’t hungry or too full.  Make sure nothing is distracting you.

Relax the Body

Sit in a comfortable position and make sure that your body is relaxed and unwind.


Make sure that you are protected from anything negative.  Since you are opening yourself up to spiritual things, make sure you are aware of negative energies and that you do not allow them to come out to you.  Close your eyes and imagine that there is a bright light around you.

Let it move all over your body and get rid of all the negative energies and put protection around you.  Imagine this until you feel warm.  Let this be a cocoon for your body to protect you and keep you safe.  Talk about positive energies and tell the negative energies to stay away.

Concentrate on the energies and let the light get brighter.  Focus on the colors and look at each color without rushing.


Begin to move around and see yourself down a long hallway with a door.  Look at as much as you can and remember everything about it.  Look at the colors and what details are there.  Each time you mediate like this, remember that hallway and see what you expect to happen at the end of it.

Go Down the Hallway

Start walking.  Count each step.  Take each step with a purpose.  Watch your arms, your feet and your body.  Look at all of the steps you take and look at the door.  Imagine what the door will hold.  Look at the end and go super slow to get there.  Do not rush.  Focus carefully on what is around you, the temperature, the sounds and the colors.  Walk slow to the door and slowly push it open.


When you open the door, accept what you see.  Do not be upset with what you see and take in the whole scene.  Make sure that you build on what you see and imagine what your mind has shown you.  Accept what you were and see the different colors, sounds and feels.  You can be thinking about different things at this time and thinking that you are imagining it but you are remembering your past life.


Make sure that you are being patient.  You may start out not seeing anything and that is not a bad thing.  Think about something specific and think about the skills you have and what you have done in your life.

If you can’t think or see anything, try a method called the shoe method.  This is where you look at your feet and focus on the shoes you see yourself wearing.  Keep going until you remember something.  Then start mediating and keep thinking of what you have seen.


The biggest thing is to be accepting of what you see.  You might not believe what you are experiencing but accept it.  There are times you might be making something up in your mind and there are times that you will be seeing in your past.  This is all a process and you have to work at this to make it work.  You will know when you see something that is real.  Keep remembering the details and repeat things over and over again.

If you don’t like what you saw, there is nothing that can be done about it.  Just accept it and do not live in the past.

You can also choose to believe that what you saw was real or that you made it up, this is all part of your mind.  You should remember what you saw and think on it.


When you are finished, you need to make sure you come back to the present.  This usually happens on its own and the images will begin to fade.  This will happen when the images stop coming.  It is okay to go back to the present.

Control how you depart.  When you are ready to leave on your own, you can picture where the door began and you can open the door and walk down the hallway that you constructed with your mind’s eye.

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